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Advancing Dual Credit in Indiana


Are you a teacher looking to receive credentials to teach dual credit courses? Learn more below.


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Our Focus

Teach Dual Credit Indiana provides free graduate courses for teachers pursuing dual credit credentialing in six content areas: communications/speech, economics, English, history, political science/government, and world languages.

Are you interested in learning more about the requirements for dual credit teachers in Indiana? Click here to learn more.

“I currently have a master’s degree, but I needed twelve additional hours to become credentialed in the area of English. After completing nine hours through a university, I still needed one more course.

Thankfully, I started hearing information about Teach Dual Credit Indiana. Applying and getting set up in the final course I need to finish my credentialing process has been remarkably simple and stress free, and I am relieved to be finishing my last course online, especially since the course will not cost me any additional money.”

-Kelsey, Teach Dual Credit Indiana Participant

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