ECON 590: Labor Economics

In this course, participants will develop a deeper understanding of the labor markets and the economic forces affecting the labor market. Labor markets are unique in that the commodity being exchanged, labor services, cannot be separated from the individuals producing it. Thus, nonpecuniary issues such as working conditions and individual characteristics of market participants such as personalities and individual preferences, will have a much greater impact on transactions made in the labor market than elsewhere.

Numerous factors affecting the labor market will be discussed, including the effects of minimum wages, mandated benefits, taxes, transfer programs and education. Labor market outcomes and issues such as inequality and intergenerational mobility will also be discussed.

Please review the syllabus for full course information.

Term: This is a Full Semester course. Participants may register for one Full Semester course OR one course each in Winter/Spring I and Winter/Spring II.

Prerequisite(s): Basic understanding of algebra and graphing fundamentals; qualified to teach content area

Valparaiso University

Semester: Winter/Spring 2023 – Full Semester

Instructor: Sedefka Beck

Graduate Credits: 3

Dates: 1/11/23 – 5/12/23

Format: Online Asynchronous

Graduate Certificate Available: No

Master’s Completion Pathway: Yes


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