EDUC 512: Assessment for Student Learning

This is a master’s completion course toward a Master’s in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Indianapolis. Prior to registering, teachers must be approved for master’s completion funding.

Additional master’s completion options outside of the Teach Dual Credit Indiana catalog are available through a scholarship model.

This course prepares teachers with a model of balanced assessment that focuses on classroom assessment for learning and standardized assessments of learning. The teacher will understand the standards of quality for student assessments and how these standards are met in all assessments. Moreover, the teacher will learn how to develop assessment-related policies, collaborative learning teams, and comprehensive systems to improve curriculum and instruction. The teacher will confront the historical uses of assessment as a control and sorting mechanism and acquire a new vision of assessment as a powerful motivator for student learning and achievement.

Please review the syllabus for full course information.

*This is an online asynchronous course. The first class meeting will be synchronous.

Term: This is a Summer I course. Participants may register for a Full Semester course OR one course each in Summer I and Summer II. Teachers who have completed 12 graduate credits through Teach Dual Credit Indiana may request to double up on EDUC courses and content area courses.

University of Indianapolis

Semester: Summer 2023 – Summer I

Instructor:  Dr. Sarah Denney

Graduate Credits: 3

Dates: 5/15/23 – 6/30/23

Format: Online Asynchronous*


Required Courses for Master's in Curriculum and Instruction from University of Indianapolis:

Teachers who have completed 18 graduate credits in any content area can complete the following four courses to earn a master's degree.

EDUC 512: Assessment for Student Learning (Summer I 2023)
EDUC 511: Models of Effective Teaching (Summer II 2023)
EDUC 590: Introduction to Research (Fall I 2023)
EDUC 510: Organization of School Curriculum (Winter/Spring I 2024)