HIST 501: History and Historians

This course starts with a survey of European and American approaches to history writing from the Renaissance to the present via lectures, assigned readings, and discussions that focus on how people of the past understood and used history. During this section of the course, students will contribute to four class discussions (roughly every two weeks). The last half of the course concludes with students researching the topic of their choice; they will submit a proposed topic, meet via Zoom with the instructor, and create a polished, professional online presentation that considers the various ways that the topic has been approached by historians, the extent to which approaches to it have changed over time, and how contemporary issues are shaping the questions historians are asking today about that topic. Other students in the course will evaluate and comment on the presentations of their peers.

Term: This is a Full Semester course. Participants may register for one Full Semester course OR one course each in Fall I and Fall II.

Prerequisite(s): Licensed to teach secondary social studies/history in Indiana

University of Southern Indiana

Semester: Fall 2024 – Full Semester

Instructor: Tracy Uebelhor

Graduate Credits: 3

Dates: 8/19/24 – 12/8/24

Format: Online Asynchronous

Graduate Certificate Available: No

Master’s Completion Pathway: View Options for History

View Proposed Syllabus – Updated 6/26/24

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