HIST 520: Social History of Murder

Murder is a social act, defined and evaluated by society’s norms and standards. Sometimes it shapes those standards, questioning them or reinforcing public beliefs in them. Murder and public understanding of it are thus socially constructed, meaning that they change over time.

This course examines the ways in which murder cases inspired discussion about gender roles, mental illness, race and ethnicity and social class as they relate to specific cases and trials in Europe and the United Kingdom during the 19th century.

Please review the syllabus for full course information.

This course is offered during the Summer I semester. Participants may also register for a Summer II course, if applicable.

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University of Southern Indiana

Instructor: Tamara L. Hunt

Graduate Credits: 3

Dates: 5/17/21 – 6/18/21

Location: Online

Format: Asynchronous

Prerequisite: Qualified to teach content area