HIST 594: American Immigration and Emigration

This is an online synchronous course that meets Wednesdays from 6-9 PM Central / 7-10 PM Eastern.

The movement of people to, within, and from the United States is a lens through which one can study the social, cultural, economic, legal and diplomatic history of the country. By “voting with their feet,” immigrants cast light on conditions of the places from which they left and the places to which they moved. They challenged the meaning of borders and citizenship, experienced and reflected on the rupture of their dislocation, and impacted the lives of those they left behind and among which they relocated. Through the study and discussion of primary and secondary sources, this course examines the theoretical framework of immigration and major trends and specific movements of the past 250 years. Students will contribute to, and help lead, class discussion, analyze sources, and conduct research.

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Term: This is a Full Semester course. Participants may register for one Full Semester course OR one course each in Winter/Spring I and Winter/Spring II.

Prerequisite(s): Qualified to teach content area

Indiana State University

Semester: Winter/Spring 2024 – Full Semester

Instructor: Dr. Don Maxwell

Graduate Credits: 3

Format: Online Synchronous
Wednesdays, 6-9 PM Central / 7-10 PM Eastern

Dates: 1/16/24 – 5/10/24

Graduate Certificate Available: No

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