POLS 612: International Security

All states face the problem of achieving security in an anarchic international system haunted by the ever-present threat of violent conflict. This course is designed to familiarize graduate students with the core literature on how states address this problem and also current debates within the sub-field. Upon completion of the course, students will be able to do the following:
-Explain the canonical literature on security in international relations.
-Describe emerging questions in the field.
-Explain and critique research methods deployed to test competing theories in international relations.
-Develop policy recommendations based on the literature’s findings.

Please review the syllabus for full course information.

This is a Full Semester course. Participants may register for one Full Semester course OR one course each in Fall I and Fall II.

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Ball State University

Instructor:  Dr. Steven Hall

Graduate Credits: 3

Semester: Fall 2022 – Full Semester

Dates: 8/22/22 – 12/16/22

Format: Online Asynchronous

Prerequisite: Qualified to teach content area

Graduate Certificate Available: No