POLS 689: Comparative Political Institutions

This course examines the origin and consequences of institutions. The topics include patterns of political institutions under democratic and authoritarian regimes, and the consequences of institutions on parties and elections, civil conflict, human rights, corruption, economic development, environment, and policy outcomes. This course also applies rational choice theories and analyzes how institutions are created and how they shape individual behavior and group outcomes.

Please review the syllabus for full course information.

Term: This is a Full Semester course. Participants may register for one Full Semester course OR one course each in Winter/Spring I and Winter/Spring II.

Prerequisite(s): Qualified to teach content area

Ball State University

Semester: Winter/Spring 2023 – Full Semester

Instructor: Misa Nishikawa

Graduate Credits: 3

Dates: 1/9/23 – 5/5/23

Format: Online Asynchronous

Graduate Certificate Available: No

Master’s Completion Pathway: Yes


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