UPDATE: Teach Dual Credit Indiana is unable to fund any courses for dual credit credentialing or master’s degree completion for the Fall 2023 semester. We will continue to work with the Commission to finalize funding for Winter/Spring 2024 and future semesters. Please continue to check this website for updates.


Teach Dual Credit Indiana provides free graduate courses for teachers pursuing dual credit credentialing who are accepted into the program. We cover up to 18 graduate credits for one or more eligible content areas, including communications/speech, economics, English, history, political science, and world languages.

Before registering for courses each semester, teachers should review detailed information on all courses being offered in their content area(s), including course descriptions, syllabi, and prerequisites.

Accepted teachers: Since we are unable to fund any courses for the Fall 2023 semester, if you are able to continue taking classes with an alternate source of funding for Fall 2023, please do so and keep us informed of your progress.

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Program Catalog

The 2021-2023 Program Catalog for Teach Dual Credit Indiana provides information on courses that have been offered through the program. Last updated: 4/12/23.

Quick Look

Use the Course Archive to view information on courses offered during previous semesters. Check back here for a Quick Look of upcoming courses prior to the next available semester.

Online Course Catalog

Click on the icon for each course to view the full online course listing, including a syllabus, course description, and more. We also recommend using the Program Catalog and Quick Look to plan future courses.

Winter/Spring 2024 Courses

Teach Dual Credit Indiana is working to secure funding to offer courses beginning Winter/Spring 2024.

Fall 2023 Courses

Teach Dual Credit Indiana is not able to fund any courses for Fall 2023.

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