Indiana Dual Credit Teacher Requirements

Learn more about requirements to teach dual credit classes in Indiana.

Dual Credit Teacher Requirements

High school educators teaching dual credit will be required to have a master’s degree in the content area they teach, or a master’s degree in another area plus 18 graduate credit hours in the content area they teach. 

These requirements are set by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC), the accrediting organization for degree-granting postsecondary institutions in Indiana and 18 other states.

For example, a high school English teacher with a Master’s in English would meet the requirements to teach dual credit, but an English teacher with a Master’s in Education would need an additional 18 graduate credits in English to meet the new requirements.

The following chart can help you determine your credentialing pathway:


Determining How Many Credits You Need

If you have completed a master’s degree or other graduate-level coursework, the content-specific courses you have taken may count toward the 18 graduate credit hour requirement. The following individuals can help identify which courses count toward dual credit credentialing requirements:

  • Your school’s dual credit provider(s) for your content area(s)
  • A dual credit coordinator at your high school
  • The higher education institution(s) where you completed your graduate coursework

More than 560 Indiana teachers have a master’s degree but lack the required 18 graduate hours, putting them at risk of losing their ability to teach dual credit courses. Whether you need 3 credits or all 18, Teach Dual Credit Indiana can help you get there.

How We Can Help

Teach Dual Credit Indiana covers the cost of tuition and books for teachers taking graduate courses through our program for dual credit credentialing. We offer graduate courses from several participating higher education institutions for Indiana teachers in non-STEM liberal arts fields, including communications/speech, economics, English, history, political science/government, and world languages.

Teachers who complete 18 graduate credits through Teach Dual Credit Indiana and who do not yet have a master’s degree may be eligible for funding to complete a master’s degree.


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