UPDATE: Teach Dual Credit Indiana is unable to fund any courses for dual credit credentialing or master’s degree completion for the Fall 2023 semester. We will continue to work with the Commission to finalize funding for Winter/Spring 2024 and future semesters. Please continue to check this website for updates.


As an educator, we know you care about your students. Dual credit courses are one way to set them up for lifelong success by allowing students to earn college credit in high school, making the transition to college easier and saving students time and money.

Through Teach Dual Credit Indiana, teachers can take graduate courses to meet the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) dual credit credentialing requirements at no cost to them. Teach Dual Credit Indiana covers the full cost for tuition, books, and fees at partner institutions for eligible content areas.

Teach Dual Credit Indiana is funded through the Indiana Commission for Higher Education by INvestED and is administered by the Center of Excellence in Leadership of Learning (CELL) at the University of Indianapolis.

Accepted teachers: Since we are unable to fund any courses for the Fall 2023 semester, if you are able to continue taking classes with an alternate source of funding for Fall 2023, please do so and keep us informed of your progress.

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If you are an Indiana dual credit teacher in a non-STEM field, such as communications, economics, English, history, political science, or world languages, and need to meet HLC dual credit credentialing requirements, Teach Dual Credit Indiana is available to you. Eligible teachers must have a current classroom teaching assignment in an Indiana public school, including charter schools, or a fully state accredited private school.

Due to program funding requirements, priority consideration is given to teachers with a master’s degree who are currently teaching dual credit classes in the content area. Individuals without a master’s degree and/or who plan to teach dual credit courses in the future are also encouraged to apply and will be served based on program availability.

If accepted, graduate courses at participating Indiana colleges and universities are available at NO COST to you or your school.

How to Apply

Teachers can apply through our application portal during an open application window. Application dates are listed at the top of this page and on the Courses page.

Once accepted, teachers will not need to reapply and will be notified each semester if they have an opportunity to register for courses. 

Before You Apply

Before you apply, please review this program overview to learn more about Teach Dual Credit Indiana. During the application, you’ll confirm that you have viewed this overview.

You will need the following to apply. We recommend obtaining these items prior to beginning the application:

  • Indiana teaching license number (may be attained through LVIS)
  • Number of credits remaining in your content area(s). To determine this number, please review the Indiana Dual Credit Teacher Requirements toward the bottom of this page.
  • Administrator acknowledgment letter. This letter must be on school letterhead and include:
    1. Your name
    2. Identification of the content area(s) you teach that are covered by Teach Dual Credit Indiana (communications, economics, English, history, political science or world languages)
    3. Acknowledgment that you are applying to take graduate courses through Teach Dual Credit Indiana in the specified content area(s)
    4. Statement specifying whether your school currently offers dual credit courses in the specified content area(s) OR any plans to do so in the future (i.e. MOU with a dual credit provider)
    5. Statement specifying whether you currently teach dual credit courses in the specified content area(s) OR any plans or opportunities for you to do so in the future
    6. Name, signature, and title of administrator

Application Instructions

Click here for a video walkthrough of how to submit an application, or use the following instructions: 

  1. Click on the Apply Now button below. You will be redirected to the application portal.
  2. Click on Apply Today in the top right corner
  3. Click on Create New Account
  4. Enter your email address and create a password
  5. Click Register
  6. Complete the application and click submit

Content Areas 

The following content areas are currently covered through Teach Dual Credit Indiana. Click on your content area(s) to learn more about what dual credit classes you could be eligible to teach after completing credentialing requirements through the program.





Political Science

World Languages

Indiana Dual Credit Teacher Requirements

High school educators teaching dual credit courses will be required to have a master’s degree in the content area they teach or a master’s degree in another area plus 18 graduate credit hours in the content area they teach. These requirements are set by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC), the accrediting organization for degree-granting postsecondary institutions in Indiana and 18 other states.

For example, a high school English teacher with a Master’s in English would meet the requirements to teach dual credit, but an English teacher with a Master’s in Education would need an additional 18 graduate hours in English to meet the new requirements.

Determining How Many Credits You Need

If you have completed a master’s degree or other graduate-level coursework, content-specific courses you have taken may count toward the 18 credit hour requirement. The following individuals can help identify which courses count toward dual credit credentialing requirements:

  • A dual credit coordinator at your high school
  • Your school’s dual credit credentialing institution(s) for your content area(s)
  • The higher education institution(s) where you completed your graduate coursework

More than 560 Indiana teachers have a master’s but lack the required 18 graduate hours, putting them at risk of losing their ability to teach dual credit. Whether you need 3 credits or all 18, we can help you get there.

Master’s Degree Completion Funding

Teachers who complete 18 graduate credits through Teach Dual Credit Indiana may be eligible to complete a master’s degree at no cost to them through Teach Dual Credit Indiana funding.

Dual Credit Resources

View additional resources to learn more about Teach Dual Credit Indiana and dual credit credentialing requirements.

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